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The History

The history of the USS Scorpion is made up by the missions it was engaged in. All of the below were written and played out by the players onboard the USS Scorpion.

  • Memories
    (12 Oct, 2002 – 53 posts)
    Duo Maxwell and Jim Hawkins meet and become friends. Captain Steve Aldous promotes Duo for his service excellence. Everyone is assigned to the new USS Scorpion, Sovereign class. Hawkins grieves for lost shipmates. Everyone gets to know each other. Diarean, a sentient computer program, says hi. Hawkins finds survivors days later from the destroyed USS Tornado, including Larkcha, the Hirogen who had sought asylum. 
  • Shakedown
    (29 Oct, 2002 – 133 posts)
    Gevran Torm met Diarean. The Federation tried to sabotage operations on Starbase Qul Tuq, but failed. Gevran Torm meets Diarean for the first time. He ends up experiencing a mental breakdown from his experiences on the USS Tornado. Duo and Larkcha become friends. Duo gets promoted to Marine CO. Hawkins is told by Kai Opaka on Bajor that he’s the Emissary. He laughs and ignores her.
  • To Boldly Go
    (13 Dec, 2002 – 113 posts)
    The Scorpion sets out on a 6 month mission to find allies for the Maquis. They find Federation saboteurs planted onboard. Captain Aldous gets Duo and Hawkins to establish an elite marine unit. Hawkins receives signs he’s the Emissary. He ignores them. The Scorpion finds Duo’s sister (of this universe, not his own) floating in her vessel in space, almost dead. Logs show she entered the Bajoran wormhole two years ago and then came out of it just a few days ago, so that Duo could find her. Weird. She dies, Duo gets depressed. He finds an Orb on his sister’s mech and gives it to Hawkins, who doesn’t want to touch it. Hawkins runs away. Gevran Torm saves the Scorpion from saboteurs.
  • Darkness
    (11 Feb, 2003 – 142 posts)
    Hawkins gets taken away by an Orb, and returns with a story – Sisko talked to him and there’s only one wormhole for all the universes. And he really is the Emissary here, which he’s beginning to accept. Duo decides to go ask the wormhole aliens if they’ll let him go back to their own universe to look for his sister. They let him. The Scorpion finds a pre-warp civilisation suffering the effects of a chemical war. There’s not many survivors left. Aldous sends an away team to provide medical supplies, while pretending to be locals. Gevran Torm thinks he can use nucleonic residue in the atmosphere to help create a dimensional rift that will allow them to get back home to their own universe. The Scorpion detects something in orbit with them, which is completely dark, as if it absorbs all energy. They don’t know what it is. Hawkins decides that he’s going to stay in this universe and be its Emissary.
  • The Voyage Home
    (19 May, 2003 – 39 posts)
    The Scorpion is hailed by the mysterious dark object and are introduced to the Sernaix, who announce themselves as guardians of this universe. And they’re kicking the Scorpion out of this universe and back to their own. But the Scorpion has 24 hours to settle matters in this universe. Back in the original universe, Hawkins saves Duo from Breen attackers. Duo asks him why he’s 5 years older, and Hawkins says he completed his ‘destiny’ for the wormhole aliens within five years, and then used the wormhole to come back to his own universe instead of staying in the other one. The aliens told him he might like to save Duo ‘back in the past’ and so here he is. Duo is thankful. Back in the other universe, affairs are settled and farewells are made. Hawkins says goodbye, as he’s staying there. The Maquis allows the Scorpion to be taken away to another universe. Aren’t they a nice bunch. The Scorpion crosses the threshold – and finds Hawkins (five years older) over there waiting for them, with Duo. No one ever appreciates temporal violations.
  • The Sernaix
    (15 Jun, 2003 – 79 posts)
    The Sernaix abduct Captain Aldous and torture him to find out why Diarean is in their computer systems, shutting things down. He doesn’t know, so they decide to kill him. Diarean saves him by… killing him. But at least she converts his mind into an energy being, like her. Agent Dulmer of the DTI tries interviewing everyone onboard the ship about their experiences in the Rebellion universe, but no one wants to talk to him. Except Hawkins. Dulmer offers him a job in DTI, which Hawkins accepts. Aldous gets introduced by Diarean to a Sernaix Ship Mind, who is friendly and separate to the Sernaix onboard the ship. Gevran gets abducted by the Sernaix next, but he knows also nothing. Major General Wufei Chang takes command of the Scorpion. Duo storms the Sernaix ship with marines and save Gevran, but most of the marines die in the fight. Diarean gets Aldous back onto the Scorpion and introduces him to his new home – the ship’s computer systems. A Klingon battleship attacks the Sernaix ship but gets obliterated in return. The Scorpion decides not to join in the fight. The Sernaix ship leaves. Diarean advises Wufei that Aldous is still alive. Just a bit… different. Diarean creates a virtual reality for Aldous to exist in, that will allow him to interact with the crew via holoemitters.
  • Home
    (22 Aug, 2003 – 101 posts)
    Hawkins’ first mission was to go recover someone who had come over from the Rebellion universe. On the ship she was ok, but leaving the ship, she was a threat to this timeline. The Scorpion returned to Starbase Praetor. Aldous explains to Gevran how he’s being integrated into the ship systems in a way that still allows crew interaction via holoemitters. Starfleet Command decides they want to remove Aldous from command. Hawkins saves Quatre from pirates, takes the man with him to Earth. Starfleet Command change their mind about removing Aldous from command, and instead declare him fit to command the Scorpion.
  • To Silently Go
    (2 Dec, 2003 – 101 posts)
    Hawkins found his temporal fugitive and returns her to her own universe. Lt Commander Alexi Sutton introduces Project Forestall, and USS Scorpion becomes part of the Project. Duo was reassigned to Avalon Fleet Yards to assist R&D with his mecha. The Scorpion was provided upgrades that included: Slipstream Drive, particle synthesis upgrades to replicators and holodecks, and sensor upgrades. Aldous recommended to Gevran that he one day become President of the Federation, which Gevran liked the sound of.
  • Prime Time
    (9 Feb, 2004 – 159 posts)
    Diarean informed Aldous that Section 31 were responsible for the Project Forestall initiative, and that Alexi Sutton was their sector chief for this region. It was also they who overrode Starfleet Command’s decision to remove Aldous from Command. Aldous was disturbed to find out that he agreed with Forestall, which was essentially agreeing to Section 31. Quatre decided to give up his counselor role and join Command. The Scorpion found a binary system with the pre-warp locals engaged in an interplanetary war, with one side the loser and about to be completely wiped out. Hawkins was given command of the USS Talon for a Project Forestall mission. Aldous initiated new changes to the Scorpion’s security systems after a failed assassination attempt against a crew member resulted in the assassin getting away. Many of the senior crew agreed they should violate the Prime Directive to save the people being killed, but Aldous resisted. A mutiny almost occurred, with some crew being removed from duty. The crisis was resolved. The assassin was found and captured. The pre-warp civilisation were destroyed. The Scorpion moved on.
  • The Transition
    (4 Aug, 2004 – 23 posts)
    Admiral Johansson requisitioned the USS Scorpion for his own purposes, as part of Project Forestall. Aldous had to stay with the ship, which was renamed the USS Alexia, while the rest of the crew were reassigned to another ship. A big ship. A very big ship. It was a Pathfinder class Heavy Exploratory Cruiser, with 53 decks, 3 bridges, 3 warp cores, and a crew complement of over 1,600. Hawkins was promoted to Captain and reassigned to command the new ship, which was named USS Scorpion.
  • Jump Everybody Jump
    (11 Aug, 2004 – 134 posts)
  • Jump Everybody Jump (Pt 2)
    (15 Nov, 2004 – 77 posts)

The gaming finished March 2005. An attempt to revise it was made in 2006 with the creation of the Federation’s End backstory, which continued the story that was started with Jump Everybody Jump (Pt 2).

Further outline of events in each mission are below:


  • Duo Maxwell and Jim Hawkins met on Qul Tuq at the memorial to the loss of the USS Tornado and many of its crew, including Larkcha the Hirogen. It was also where Captain Steve Aldous promoted Duo to the rank of Marine Captain due to excellence of service.
  • The new USS Scorpion, Sovereign class, needed a crew. Steve Aldous was its Captain, Jim Hawkins was Chief Flight Officer. Gevran Torm was Chief Science Officer, and Duo Maxwell was Marine XO.
  • Due to the loss of many of his shipmates on the USS Tornado, Hawkins spent time with a counselor to work through his feelings of loss and grief.
  • The new crew of the USS Scorpion spent some time getting to know each other, as well as implementing technological upgrades to the ship to improve its capabilities.
  • Diarean, a sentient computer program from the USS Talon, regained awareness of herself and her environment in this new universe.
  • Lt Commander Hawkins led a mission to check for survivors of the USS Tornado. His attempt proved worthwhile, and they returned with a couple of survivors that included Larkcha the Hirogen.

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  • Multiple explosions rocked the station from Federation saboteurs, and an intruder was found and subdued on the USS Talon.
  • Gevran Torm met Diarean for the first time, and was surprised at the trust Captain Aldous had in the sentient computer program.
  • Gevran ended up experiencing a mental breakdown because of his experiences during the destruction of the USS Tornado, which resulted in Captain Aldous confining him to sickbay for treatment.
  • Duo and Larkcha became acquainted, with Larkcha assisting with Duo’s new mech project. Gevran joined in on the project as well.
  • After completing upgrades, the USS Scorpion was given a christening ceremony before it departed on its first shakedown cruise. It was also given a ship motto:

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • Gevran Torm spent time on a personal project, creating a draft Constitution for the New Federation in the alternate universe.
  • There were a few repairs and modifications needed to the USS Scorpion as a result of its shakedown cruise, once the ship returned to Qul Tuq.
  • Klingon crew members had to be expelled from the crew because of ‘acting like Klingons’ instead of like Starfleet officers.
  • When the Marine CO transferred to Qul Tuq, Captain Aldous made Duo the new Marine CO.
  • Jim Hawkins met Kai Opaka on Bajor, where she showed him an ‘orb of the prophets’, which gave him a vision of when he first met the only women he ever loved. When he came out of his vision, Opaka told him he was the Emissary. He disagreed, telling her that it was actually Benjamin Sisko. She said, “The man you speak of is who I expected 10 years ago, but paths change, and now you are here.” Hawkins realised that because the Federation was the enemy in this timeline, and the Maquis were now the ones allied to Bajor, that everything had changed.

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To Boldly Go

  • Once ship repairs had been completed, the USS Scorpion set out for a 6 month mission into an area of space that had never been explored, to see if they could find allies for the Maquis.
  • Hawkins spoke to Gevran about his attitude of denial about being the Emissary in this universe, and Gevran encouraged him to consider the possibility as valid.
  • Captain Steve Aldous, with reports of a saboteur onboard, ordered Duo to work with Hawkins to set up an elite marine unit.
  • Members of the saboteur’s team attempted to kill one of the Scorpion’s security officers, but were interrupted by the Chief of Security. A short fight occurred with both attackers dead, and the security officer transferred to sickbay to have her wounds treated.
  • Hawkins had a conversation with the security officer once she woke up, and she introduced him to card games, which he’d never played before. Much to his annoyance and her surprise, they found that no matter how the cards are shuffled or dealt, he always had the best hand. She didn’t want to play cards with him any more, but she talked to him about her mother telling her when she was a child that spirits will often provide patterns for a person to recognise when there’s something important they need to do.
  • As the USS Scorpion continued into uncharted territory, it came upon a mech drifting in space. Its barely alive occupant turned out to be none other than Duo’s sister – but of this universe, not his own.
  • With Duo going through some stress and guilt as a result of meeting up with his sister, who he believed he left to die in his own universe, Hawkins volunteered to take over his marine command until Duo could return to it, handing over his helmsman role to someone else. Captain Aldous accepted.
  • While his sister was being treated in sickbay, Duo was able to go over her mech’s logs and found that she’d been able to get away from their exploding planet, and then spent some years on the run, before drifting into the Bajoran wormhole and out the other side, into this area of space – but two years after she’d gone in. She had somehow travelled forward in time to this point, allowing Duo to find her drifting out here.
  • Hawkins meditated in his room on the Emissary issue, and found himself talking to the spirit of an old mentor who had died some years ago. The spirit told him that he had a destiny to follow, and his destiny crossed realities. Hawkins wanted to reject his destiny, but the spirit told him that there will be signs that will help him do the right thing.
  • Gevran Torm went for a space walk while the ship was at warp to remove explosive cord placed around the deflector by saboteurs. Collapsing unconscious from radation poisoning, he woke up in the sickbay to find that Larkcha had come out to rescue him when the ship dropped out of warp
  • Duo was advised by the EMH that his sister’s brain functions were degrading from being in stasis for too long before they found her drifting in space. She didn’t have very long to live, but if Duo wanted, she could be awakened so he could talk to her. It was a short conversation. And then she died. And Duo was alone again, having now experienced the death of his sister twice. Captain Aldous talked with him, sharing with him his own experiences of people dying that he cared about, but that no matter how many people died, it was part of life, and just how things were. He asked Duo if he could accept that, and rise above it. Duo felt better from the conversation, and realised he could. Aldous gave him a week’s leave with 24×7 holodeck access to do whatever he needed to do.
  • Hawkins and Treegarden, the Chief of Intelligence, were attacked by 8 members of the saboteur’s team. The assailants were all quickly killed or disabled by the two men.
  • Duo spent some time trying to work out how he could have done things differently in his past to save his sister. But he was forced to admit to himself that he had done everything he could have. It satisfied him, and he felt a bit better.
  • Hawkins was curious about Duo’s sister’s mech, so Duo showed him around. But then Duo discovered an ammo box stuck behind the mech’s knee joint. He pulled it out and inside was a glowing Orb of the Prophets. Hawkins swore and said, “You have GOT to be kidding me!” He walked away with Duo calling after him, “Hey! You can’t leave me with this thing! What th’ Hell am I supposed t’ do with it!?” But there was no answer from Hawkins who disappeared out the door of the shuttlebay.
  • Duo showed the Orb to Gevran Torm, who thought that Hawkins was probably beginning to feel like he was being persecuted. They decided to give the Orb to Security to look after it, until they could get back to Bajor or until Hawkins decided to do something with it.
  • The issue of the saboteur onboard the ship was finally resolved. The ringleader was discovered to be an Engineering Ensign, but he committed suicide with an explosive device when Security came to arrest him. The rest of his team were tracked down and arrested, but two of them died trying to evade capture. In total, there were 16 Federation saboteurs involved in the failed attempt to destroy the USS Scorpion.

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  • After a powerful energy burst occurred on the Observation Deck, it was discovered that Lt Commander Jim Hawkins was missing from the ship. Captain Steve Aldous saw from security recordings that Hawkins was examining the Orb of the Prophets when they both disappeared.
  • Lt Gevran Torm was promoted to Lt Commander for going above and beyond the call of duty when he took a space walk onto the hull while the ship was at warp, to save the ship and all its crew.
  • Duo was back in form again and resumed his duties. Captain Aldous told him about Hawkins being missing, taken by the Orb, and until Hawkins returns, Duo would be in charge of training the elite marine team again.
  • Hawkins returned after being gone a day, but medical scans found he was four days older. Reporting to Captain Aldous about what he remembered, he was a bit more confident about how destiny was playing a part in his life.
  • Hawkins talked to Duo about his experience with the wormhole aliens. Duo talked about his own experiences in the wormhole, when he came through it into the Alpha Quadrant in their own universe. Hawkins also told Duo that he met Sisko in the wormhole, and that it was Sisko from their original universe. There was only one wormhole for all the universes. Duo toyed with the idea of using the wormhole to get back to their own universe. Hawkins agreed it was worth considering. But how to make it work? Then they pondered why the aliens had spoken to both of them, and they wondered what their destiny really was all about.
  • Later, after another conversation with Hawkins, Duo realised that if his sister had survived in the alternate universe, maybe she was still alive in their universe too. He asked Hawkins to talk to the aliens about letting him go back for his sister, but Hawkins refused. He didn’t want to ask them for favours. Duo decided that if Hawkins wouldn’t help him, he would do it by himself. Hawkins then decided that if Duo was determined to leave the ship, then he should go leave it too. It was part of his destiny, which he’d accepted, to return to Bajor and Qul Tuq and be the Emissary, and so he and Duo could go together and work things out along the way.
  • They went to Captain Aldous for permission to leave the Scorpion and return to Qul Tuq, but Aldous told them he needed all his crew to stay with him on the Scorpion, in case they needed to return to their own universe in a short space of time. Hawkins spoke up and said that as this universe’s Emissary, he wanted to go back to Bajor, but Aldous told him that wasn’t happening “unless those damned Prophets come and drag you there themselves!” Duo resigned his Starfleet commission and said he was going anyway. Aldous let him go, knowing he couldn’t stop him.
  • After three weeks out in uncharted space, they found a repeating distress signal on an M-class planet. Investigations determined that the planet was suffering the effects of a chemical war that started 24 years previously, leaving the approximate 3,000 survivors in bio-domes to protect them from the toxic atmosphere. Aldous determined that being a pre-warp civilisation, the Prime Directive applied and they could only help by providing some medical supplies that were appropriate to the civilisation’s development.
  • Captain Aldous and Jim Hawkins gave Duo farewell gifts, with Jim walking Duo to his mech where they made their goodbyes. As Duo was about to leave the ship in his mech, Larkcha walked into the shuttle bay and gave Duo a salute. He waved back, and then left.
  • Aldous gave command of the Away Team to Hawkins, as his XO had walked into a door and was suffering from concussion. Hawkins’ orders were to provide medical supplies to the planet’s survivors.
  • Down on the planet, Gevran Torm realised that he could use nucleonic residue in the atmosphere to help create a rift in space with the wormhole generator that got them into this universe. Using the atmospheric qualities of this planet could help them get home again.
  • Captain John Harris of the Federation secretly kidnapped his twin, the Scorpion’s XO, Commander John Harris, and infiltrated the Scorpion after transporting him to his ship, the USS Fire. After the Scorpion’s Harris managed to gain control of the USS Fire and alert the Scorpion, Harris’s twin was eventually tracked down and captured by a joint effort between Science, Engineering and Security.
  • Concentrated efforts were made to work on the wormhole generator while setting up a decoy to sniff out any more potential saboteurs.
  • Hawkins remembered his visit to the Prophets, and how they made him relive the death of Cindy, the only woman he’d ever loved in his life.
  • The USS Scorpion found something in orbit around the planet with them, but it showed as ‘nothing’. Whatever it was, it completely absorbed all energy, maintaining complete nothingness. The bridge crew didn’t know what it was, despite exhaustive scans and investigation. However, they did learn that it had been sitting there in that position for two days, and that it had also been browsing their computer systems and databases for the previous 29 hours. And then it disappeared. Analysis of data suggested it may have activated a phase cloak.
  • A distress signal alerted the Scorpion to someone needing help. Hawkins took a shuttle and fighter escort to investigate and found a Cardassian in a lifepod, which he beamed onboard the shuttle. Like all Cardassians, he talked a lot, but Hawkins found out that he was a defector of the Federation, left for dead by a Federation starship, and requested asylum with the Maquis. After an extensive debriefing and interrogation, his request for asylum was granted.
  • As plans for returning to their original universe proceeded, Hawkins made up his mind that he would not be going back with them, deciding to stay in the alternate universe to fulfil his destiny as its Emissary to Bajor.

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The Voyage Home

  • The object in space returned and hailed them.

On screen Aldous and the bridge crew saw a creature that “could only be described as being drawn from the almost-forgotten histories of human legends about Hell and demons. The creature looking at them had lines of red running like rivulets of molten lava across blackened and rough-looking skin. There were short spikes jutting from its head, looking almost like a strange hairstyle if they weren’t solid, also a deep red. The eyes were bright red, almost glowing, and the expression on the alien’s face looked as if it disapproved of having to talk to them. It spoke, the voice sounding like it was rumbling from the depths of ancient caves, reverberating through the air around them. Almost unconsciously, Steve realised that the voice was being broadcast not just via the viewscreen, but from every comm badge and intercom speaker throughout the bridge, and probably throughout the ship.

“We are the Sernaix, guardians of this realm. We have studied you and your mission. You do not belong here, and we will help you return to your universe. You have 24 of your hours to make your way to what you call ‘Qul Tuq’, drop off those of your crew that is to remain in this universe, pick up your own people and return to this location. You will find your gateway home when you get back here. If you choose to ignore this directive and stay in this universe, then you will be destroyed. You will not be able to hide. We are the Sernaix, guardians of this realm.”

As the echoing reverberations faded away, the screen returned to static, and then showed a view of the alien object which still was apparent only by its inability to be detected.

  • Aldous ordered all department heads to report to his ready room, so that they could discuss what they needed to do. Everyone agreed it would be wise – as well as agreeable – to do as the advanced race directed and return to Qul Tuq, before coming back to this location so that they could get back home.


  • Back in the original universe, Duo was doing his best to avoid Breen ships trying to destroy his mech. He’d been on the run for days, chasing a dead end lead into Breen space to find more survivors of his people, and his mech was starting to fail. At the last second, he was saved from his crisis by a mystery ship looking similar to a Delta Flyer, but more advanced. It managed to quickly destroy the Breen ships, and then its pilot hailed Duo. It was Captain Jim Hawkins. Wait… Captain?
  • Hawkins explained to Duo that five years had passed for him while he had been the Emissary for Bajor in the alternate reality. But when the Prophets and Sisko wanted him to join them in the wormhole, he decided he wanted to be with his friends instead, so he came through into the original universe at the time that the Scorpion would be coming back into it. He learned enough from the wormhole aliens to know at what time and place the Scorpion was coming back, and that Duo also needed his help.
  • Duo explained that he found his sister living on a cargo ship in the Denoris Belt. He took her to Mars and set up there. He’d then gone into Breen space to look for some Canq survivors that she had heard about, but ended up in a running battle with the Breen instead, until Hawkins rescued him.


  • The Scorpion proceeded back to Qul Tuq at emergency warp, taking only 9 hours to arrive. Hawkins contacted his friend Alex Knight, who had come into this universe with the Tornado, but stayed on to help the Maquis by accepting command of Qul Tuq. Hawkins brought him up to date on events, and told him that he was leaving Knight a PADD with his personal log and to pass it on to Starfleet in their own universe when he was ready.
  • Hawkins sent a memo to all the ship’s crew, advising them he was having a farewell party in the mess. He was surprised at how many turned up to say goodbye.
  • Gevran Torm was visited by the Maquis’ Admiral Jean Luc Picard, who advised him that his draft submission for the Constitution of the New Federation was going to be accepted and implemented as the New Federation Charter. Torm was incredibly honoured. Picard also recommended to him that when he returned to his own universe that he should involve himself in bettering the Federation, rather than just devoting himself to Science.
  • Gevran met with Hawkins to wish him farewell. Their parting was sad, as they recognised they would miss each other.
  • Jim Hawkins met with Duo’s friend, Quatre, who was returning to the Scorpion from Qul Tuq, and told him that Duo left him a message. Quatre was happy about that, but also sad that Duo was off still trying to save his dead sister.
  • The USS Scorpion departed Qul Tuq and returned to where the Sernaix told them to be. Upon arrival, the Sernaix contacted them and questioned why they didn’t have all their crew. Captain Aldous replied that Hawkins chose to stay behind, and one other couldn’t be found or contacted. The Sernaix told him they may go.
  • A portal in space opened up in front of them, and Aldous ordered the Scorpion and the Talon to go through it. Just before they did, the Ops officer Leah Shen disappeared, reappearing on Qul Tuq in Jim Hawkins’ office – much to both their surprise – and Michael Sanchez, the officer who couldn’t be contacted, appeared on the bridge, also looking surprised.
  • And they crossed the threshold back into their own universe.


  • Within seconds of arriving, the Scorpion was being hailed, at the same time as a ship decloaked nearby. Onscreen, Jim Hawkins and Duo Maxwell were smiling. “Hello Captain,” Jim said to a surprised Aldous.
  • During the debriefing, Aldous told Duo what happened with the Sernaix, and then waited for Hawkins to tell him what happened. Jim’s reply was, “Captain, I’m afraid it would be against the Temporal Prime Directive for me to tell you anything. That, and the fact that I’m five years older now, should tell you all you need to know.” Duo added his own story about Jim saving him. Aldous was happy to see them both, but also recognised that for Jim to look older than when they left him only a few hours ago, meant that he had come back from his future within the alternate reality. He asked where his bridge officer went, and Jim explained that she was fine, also older, and that she’d come back with him and would probably be returning to the Scorpion soon. Aldous then asked Duo if he found his sister. Duo told him his story. It was obvious that he was extremely happy to have found his sister alive, considering he’d believed her to be dead. When Duo left, Aldous kept Hawkins there, and insisted that Hawkins tell his story, and to hell with the Temporal Prime Directive! Hawkins smiled and said he would talk about what he could.
  • Gevran met with Hawkins, having heard about his arrival. He was happy to find the rumours of his return were true, but surprised to see that Hawkins was somewhat older. During their conversation, as old friends coming together again, Hawkins allowed Gevran access to the advanced Delta Flyer, along with its phase variance cloaking technology. He also told Gevran that while he had spent five more years in the alternate universe, he had experienced some things which were yet to be experienced in their normal universe, and so he had unique knowledge about what was coming. But he couldn’t do anything about it until after ‘it’ came – whatever it might be – because of the Temporal Prime Directive.

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The Sernaix

  • It was discovered that Captain Aldous had disappeared. Reviews of the security logs showed him sitting at his desk, and then disappearing in the same kind of flash of light that took Leah Shen, the Scorpion’s Ops officer, just before they returned to their universe. It was obvious that the Sernaix had taken Aldous, but it was unknown why. Acting-Captain Gevran Torm wondered why the Sernaix of this reality would want Aldous, but Hawkins said that the Sernaix from the other reality can travel to different realities, and they are the ones who probably took Aldous. Gevran asked Jim for anything that can help them get Aldous back, and Hawkins recommended they go to DS9 and reinforce the crew, and then come back to see if the Sernaix would talk with them.
  • As they were about to return to DS9, Gevran convinced Hawkins to stay on the bridge and give people confidence that someone with experience was there. Few people had confidence in Gevran’s ability to command the Scorpion, especially Gevran himself. Jim agreed.
  • Arriving at DS9, the Scorpion underwent emergency crew changes and resupply, and then Gevran had orders from Starfleet to go back and find Captain Aldous.
  • Meanwhile, on the Sernaix ship, Aldous was being tortured for information about Diarean. She had invaded their computer systems and they couldn’t get rid of her. They wanted information from Aldous about her true nature and why she was in their systems, but he knew nothing about her, and hadn’t even known she was on the Sernaix ship. They decided to kill him, but something went wrong with the orders and Aldous was taken to a room where, to the Sernaix surprise, Aldous vanished. Aldous was aware he was surrounded with darkness, and then Dairean said hello to him.
  • Gevran called all departments heads to a mission briefing where they provided him with department reports, and he outlined requirements as they prepared to go search for Aldous.
  • After a fight in DS9′s bar, Duo and his friends Major General Wufei Chang, Heero and Quatre – who had been on the USS Tornado when it went into the Rebellion universe, and then stayed on Qul Tuq while Duo served on the Scorpion – were arrested and thrown in the brig. They were going to be kept there for trial, but the Assistant Security Chief from the Scorpion came and bailed them out with a bribe, escorting them back to the ship. Quatre announced he was going to join the Scorpion as its ship counsellor.
  • Agent Dulmer of the Dept of Temporal Investigations (DTI) visited Gevran Torm to ask him about the Scorpion and the crew members that came with it from the alternate universe. Gevran stated that those decisions were made by Captain Aldous, who didn’t confide in Gevran as to why he made them. Dulmer then told Gevran that the Scorpion’s history was going to be falsified, and as far as anyone else in Starfleet was aware, the ship was built at Mars shipyards, and had been on an extended mission which they’ve just returned from. Gevran also learned that the Temporal Prime Directive can override any part of the Federation Constitution where necessary, and that if any temporal incursion from another timeline impacted this one, it’s the DTI’s task to ensure the impact is nullified or reduced.
  • As Agent Dulmer worked his way through the ship, interviewing everyone that he could, he found it curious that no one wanted to provide verbal reports to him about their experiences in the other universe. He determined it would need further investigation.
  • Hawkins met with Gevran, trying to work out what he could do onboard the ship. Ambassador, maybe? But for what?
  • Diarean introduced Captain Aldous to Gak’taklor, the Ship Mind of the Sernaix vessel. Diarean told Aldous that Gak’taklor was once a Sernaix but he had been converted against his will to an ‘energy based entity’ by his crew in order to continue indefinitely as the Ship Mind, and that’s why he was helping Diarean. Aldous looked at Diarean and asked her if that was what was done to him – converted to an energy based entity. “I saved your life,” she said. She explained that the Sernaix in charge of the ship, the Adimh, had decided to kill Aldous, so Diarean did what she could to save him in the short time she had, in the only way that was guaranteed to succeed. Gak’taklor talked about the Sernaix with Aldous, telling him that they are from The Realm, the name they give their own universe. They also make excursions into other universes, especially those universes they claim guardianship of. Gak’taklor showed Aldous just a small element of their technology:

Suddenly the darkness was lit up by the image of a galaxy to Steve’s left. He looked at it, as the image seemed to grow quickly, as if they were flying towards it. It expanded and then the image seemed to zoom into one of the arms spinning out from the centre, quickly zooming in on one of the sectors of the galaxy. There were blue dots moving around the star systems, and zooming in again on one of the stars, Steve saw that there was a dot breaking away from another one, which was surrounded by smaller dots. Zooming in even further, the blue dot grew to show a Sovereign class ship leaving Deep Space Nine. It was the Scorpion.

“My God,” he exclaimed. “You have the ability to see any area of the galaxy like this?”

“Any area of the universe,” the Sernaix corrected him. “And we can transport you from one area of the universe to another, in the blink of an eye.” He beamed proudly at the technology they had.

“So you’ll be transporting me back to my ship then?” Steve asked, beginning to feel relieved.

“Yes… sort of,” the Sernaix said slowly.

“What?” Steve asked, looking between the Sernaix and Diarean.

“You have no body any more,” Diarean said. “It was disintegrated during the process of conversion to this form.”

“Oh,” Steve said.

  • Agent Dulmer met with Jim Hawkins and offered him a job as a Temporal Investigations Agent, which Hawkins happily accepted.
  • The Scorpion arrived back at the location they’d lost Captain Aldous. Acting-Captain Gevran Torm got the idea to cross-match the quantum resonance of background radiation to find the cloaked Sernaix vessel. Being from an alternate universe would mean its quantum frequency would different. Consulting with Jim Hawkins first to find out if it would create any temporal violations – it wouldn’t – he then proceeded. Almost immediately they detected the Sernaix vessel.
  • The Sernaix ship was having its own problems. It’s own ship mind had gone offline when it had attempted to isolate Diarean, and now ship functions were also going offline. The phase cloak, the weapons and the jump drive were inoperative, which is how the Scorpion was able to detect them, and why they were still in this area of space. What the Sernaix didn’t realise was that it was their ship mind itself that was acting against them, having favoured Diarean and Captain Aldous instead of its own people who had put it there.
  • While Gevran was waiting for the Sernaix ship to respond to his hails, Duo prepared the Marines for a boarding party to rescue Captain Aldous.
  • Diarean was doing her best to keep Aldous hidden and safe from the Sernaix who were doing everything they could to find them in the computer systems.
  • The Sernaix ship decloaked and appeared in front of the Scorpion. After a few seconds, a bright yellow beam shot out from the ship to intersect with the Scorpion’s hull, unaffected by the shields. It disappeared. While the bridge crew was trying to work out what it was, a Sernaix walked out of the turbolift and onto the bridge. The Sernaix asked Gevran if he was the commanding officer, and Gevran replied that he was. The Sernaix then scanned him, which caused him to almost drop to his knees with incredible pain in his head, and then they both disappeared.
  • Gevran found himself being interrogated by the Sernaix onboard their ship, but he also managed to find out that they thought a computer program was deployed by the Scorpion that debilitated their ship, and it was the Scorpion’s own program that killed their Captain Aldous. The Sernaix explained to Gevran that the program known as Diarean has infiltrated the Sernaix ship and caused their systems to go offline. When Gevran gave them no further information because he just didn’t have any – which was confirmed by their scans of his mind – the Sernaix decided that they must purge their systems in order to cleanse it.
  • With the Sernaix’s shields down, Duo led a Marine mission to rescue Gevran, beaming directly into Gevran’s cell. After a quick explanation to Gevran that they’d come to rescue him, Alpha Team beamed in as well. The cell was suddenly filled with marines squashed up against each other. Gevran asked why so many people were necessary, when they could have just beamed him out, and Duo explained it was so they could start searching for Captain Aldous, who they couldn’t find on scans. Gevran told Duo that Aldous was dead. Then the Marines realised that the transporter lock was being jammed, and they couldn’t get beamed out. Gevran worked on enhancing comm signals to get a better transporter lock while the marines secured the area. However, there was a cloaked Sernaix who did its best to massacre them all. Weapons and photon grenades had no effect on its personal shields, except for the four grenades Duo bound together. It killed the Sernaix and Gevran was able to finish his work. Senior staff were beamed out first, to be followed by the rest of the marines – except that they were suddenly ejected into open space. The transporter teams did their best to beam the marines from space straight to sickbay. Twenty one marines died in total, with only 12 surviving, and they would be unfit for duty for weeks or months.
  • Duo was angry, especially at Hawkins for not telling them what to expect. Hawkins said it wouldn’t have changed anything, that they would still have gone over to the ship. Duo realised that was true, and let go of his anger. Hawkins also explained that at least now they had intel that he’d never gained in the alternate universe, that severe concussion effects from multiple grenades had a good chance of killing them.
  • Diarean explained to Steve Aldous that he was back on the Scorpion again, much to his surprise. She was able to move them between the ships using the Scorpion’s transporter confinement beam, which helped conceal their movement from the Sernaix.
  • A Klingon battleship decloaked nearby and after hearing about the Scorpion’s experiences from acting-CO Wufei, the Klingon captain became enraged, cut communications and attacked the Sernaix ship. All of their weapons were brought to bear, and the resulting firepower and explosions blinded sensors and eyes that were watching. But ‘when the smoke cleared’, the unshielded Sernaix ship was still there, unharmed. The Scorpion was in the process of moving in to assist the Klingons, but suddenly a bright blue beam shot out from the Sernaix ship, pierced the Klingon ship’s shields, and impacted upon the hull. The ship seemed to fold in on itself before erupting in a large explosion, debris flying in all directions. The Scorpion stood down, everyone shocked, and after a few minutes the Sernaix ship disappeared. They’d gone.
  • The Sernaix ship mind had talked the ship’s captain into leaving this universe, that the Scorpion and the people of this reality were unimportant. Now that the ship’s systems had been purged of the Diarean program, it was time for them to return to their universe. Its Adimh agreed, and so they did.
  • Diarean reported to General Wufei that Captain Aldous was still alive, just a bit different. Wufei told Jim Hawkins, who was surprised to hear that Aldous was now in the same form as Diarean, and living inside the computer systems. Hawkins passed the message on to the Scorpion crew that it was believed Aldous was still alive and back on the Scorpion, but they were investigating what that actually meant.
  • Diarean advised Aldous that she was creating a virtual reality for him to exist in that was representative of the USS Scorpion, and would allow him to interact with the real crew of the Scorpion via holoemitters.

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  • Gevran asked Hawkins if he would use his position in Temporal Investigations to find out if they could get information on how to use the mobile holoemitter that the EMH from USS Voyager brought back to the Alpha Quadrant with them, as it had been classified by DTI. Jim said he would do what he could.
  • While Duo was in the holodeck doing some mech training, Aldous spoke to him and got an update on the ship’s status, and saying he’d be back soon.
  • Jim had a chat with Major General Wufei Chang, who was feeling unsure about his new and upcoming role as Fleet Marines CO. During the conversation, Jim made Wufei feel better about it, and they spoke about the possibility of Jim becoming a counselor, since he seemed naturally good at it.
  • It was discovered the Marine CO, Michael Sanchez, didn’t like the Assistant Security Chief Marpessa Fortula, and paid her an illegal bribe to get her off the ship. He tried covering it up, including the shuttle he allowed her to steal, but wasn’t quite good enough. He was arrested and confined to quarters pending a court martial for a number of serious charges against him. One of which was violation of the Temporal Prime Directive, as she was from the alternate universe and supposed to be under Hawkins’ observation. Now he’d have to go and try to find her and bring her back to the Scorpion before she did any damage to this timeline – or eliminate her if she didn’t want to come back.
  • The USS Scorpion arrived at Starbase Praetor for repairs, upgrades, and maintenance. With the crew having already provided their reports to Starfleet and Temporal debriefing already done by Agent Dulmer, . Except for Jim Hawkins, who had to go find a temporal fugitive.
  • Gevran Torm was authorising forms to transfer the Scorpion to Starbase Control for the month long stand down, when he was visited by a holographic Captain Steve Aldous. He first got a status report from Gevran, and then provided a status report of his own.

“Commander, I’ll explain how I’m like this,” Steve said. “Diarean created a virtual environment representing the ship, which allows me to move around it as if I’m actually moving around the ship. However, my movement around it is happening only within the virtual environment, but the environment is enhanced by the ship’s internal sensors, which populate the environment with virtual people that represent the real people as they walk around the ship.”He smiled at Gevran, who was frowning slightly.

“When I want to interact with the ship or crew, I am projected as a hologram into the room of that part of the ship I want to interact with. To me – right now – I’m in a room of my virtual environment, talking to a virtual Gevran. However, the experience is enhanced for me, because I’ve activated the hologram, so now my senses are working on what is received via the hologram’s sensory perception, combined with internal sensors. The angles of view for my eyes, and how I move around the room, it all goes towards my perception of the ‘virtual environment’.” He moved over to a couch placed against the far wall, and carefully sat down. It almost seemed like an effort as he sat, and when he had finished, he looked around, a pleased smile on his face. He looked back up at Gevran and explained.

“I have no sense of touch, of course, so it’s all about control based on what I perceive visually – if it can be called that. I’m not actually sitting down, Commander; I’m only directing this hologram to do so.”

  • Starfleet Command sent a Commodore Shar to interview Aldous. At first she was convinced that Aldous should be packed up and taken to a science lab for further study, but Aldous discussed his feelings and thoughts about his situation, and referred to how the Federation has made allowances in other similar situations and should do so again. Gevran also added that precedent had been set in the past for acceptance of computer-based sentience, referring to Lt Maddox vs. Lt Commander Data. The Commodore agreed, and provided them with a month’s stay on her final decision, pending technical investigation of Aldous, the Scorpion and its computer systems before she made her final decision.
  • Quatre headed to Earth on a civilian transport for his leave, but it was intercepted by pirates. After a short but brutal struggle once they came onboard, all the attacking pirates were killed, but Quatre was the only survivor of the defenders.
  • Jim Hawkins was also on his way to Earth in his Delta Flyer, and he answered the distress call. After disabling two of the four pirate Birds of Prey, a third fled, while the fourth had already had its crew board the transport. Hawkins beamed over to find all the transport’s crew dead, as well as all the pirates – with Quatre kneeling in a pool of blood and crazed from the fight. Jim had to stun him with a phaser and took him back to the Flyer to clean him up.
  • Gevran Torm went to his planet of Bud’gee to spend time with his family, only to be abducted by the Symbiosis Commission for murdering the previous host of his symbiot, and for stealing the symbiot itself.
  • Jim was able to calm Quatre down and help him emotionally through his traumatic experience as they continued on to Earth.
  • Commodore Shar sent a cryptic message to Aldous that left him and Diarean with the impression that she believed his situation had already been determined. Diarean investigated and found that Section 31 was heavily involved behind the scenes.
  • Gevran Torm was confronted with a council of accusers who advised him he was facing a sentence, not a trial, as his guilt had already been established. Suddenly a group of Starfleet Security officers teleported in, advising Gevran that Commodore Shar was trying to contact him. As he was about to leave, his abductors indignantly told him he was guilty of killing his symbiont’s previous host and stealing the symbiont. Gevran was shocked and horrified at such an accusation, and told them to take any alleged evidence to the proper authorities. He then organised to be teleported out so he could contact Commodore Shar.
  • Hawkins and Quatre arrived at Earth, and they parted ways – Quatre to a wedding he was attending, and Hawkins to find his temporal fugitive.
  • Gevran contacted Aldous to discuss Commodore Shar recalling him to the Scorpion. After Diarean forced the comms systems to think the communication had been ended, even though it hadn’t, Aldous advised Gevran that Section 31 were behind attempts to get him off the Scorpion and into the labs. Investigation was still continuing as to why.
  • By the time Gevran arrived at Starbase Praetor where the Scorpion was docked, he found out that Admiral Briggs had withdrawn the request for a hearing into Aldous’s competency, and he would be retaining command of the Scorpion. Gevran was to be his First Officer.
  • With his command confirmed, Aldous sent a memo to all the Scorpion’s crew, to provide a brief history of what had happened to him, and that he was now a conscious, holographic commanding officer of the USS Scorpion. He then spent some time walking around the ship and getting to know all of the new members of his crew, and reacquainting with the old members.
  • Captain Aldous provided Duo with a more realistic training simulation for his Mech against Jem’Hadar warships. As a result, Duo realised that the Jem’Hadar were more resilient and dangerous than he had thought.

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To Silently Go

  • Hawkins found Marpessa, but when she didn’t know him he scanned her and found out she was this universe’s Marpessa. She told him Klingons had come by a week earlier to get some money from her that she owed them, but she didn’t know what they were talking about. She knew, however, that there was someone else with her name and who looked like her, but wasn’t her, and might be found on the Klingon homeworld. Hawkins left to make his way to Qo’nos.
  • It didn’t take long for Hawkins to find his fugitive. She had been bought and married by a Klingon trader who was happy to sell her to Hawkins for a good price. Hawkins offered Marpess a choice. She can come back with him to be returned to her own universe, or she can die here so that his timeline is protected. She chose the former.
  • The date is 8th December, 2382
  • Jim and Quatre returned to the Scorpion, and Jim handed over Marpessa to Security for debriefing.
  • Lt Commander Alexi Sutton introduced Operation Forestall to Commodore Baz Shar, with the approval of Starfleet Command. Shar forwarded the information and orders to the USS Scorpion.
  • Duo was reassigned to Avalon Fleet Yards as a Technical Expert to assist the R&D teams with developing his Mecha technology. At first he was angry about the sudden reassignment, until Captain Aldous pointed out what an honour it was. He was then happy to go.
  • As part of Project Forestall, led at Starbase Praetor by Lt Commander Alexi Sutton, the USS Scorpion was provided a new Quantum Slipstream Drive to test, but with modifications that allowed for integrated cycling between the warp drive and the slipstream drive, allowing a faster speed to be maintained for longer. There are also particle synthesis upgrades to the replicators and holodecks, allowing meat and other basic living material to be replicated, as well as emergency ‘tunneling’ upgrades to the sensor systems.
  • Duo left the Scorpion for his new assignment, expecting to be gone only a few weeks.
  • Gevran Torm and Steve Aldous waxed philosophical about the ethics and morality of Project Forestall, which Gevran disagreed with. Aldous recommended that Gevran one day become President of the Federation, so he could direct things as he sees fit. Gevran liked the idea. Then he questioned the logic behind Temporal Affairs, saying that if fate is predestined then temporal violations are simply part of it, and if there’s no predestination then temporal visitors have a right to this timestream or universe as well. Aldous explained that Temporal Affairs have a directive to maintain the preferred timeline, and protect it at all costs. They discussed Marpessa and her influence on the preferred timeline – ‘her presence caused a change to the timeline that would not have occurred if she hadn’t arrived’. Under monitoring, her affect on the timeline was minimal, but when she fled the Scorpion her influence couldn’t be determined, so it was necessary to find her and get her back to her own universe since she couldn’t be trusted. Aldous explained that Hawkins was currently taking her back to her universe via the Bajoran wormhole.
  • Aldous called a meeting with all department heads and outlined their new orders and the technology involved with Project Forestall. Some of them were excited about it, while others were concerned by the direction Starfleet was taking.
  • Quatre talked with Aldous about becoming a Command officer instead of a Counselor. Aldous encouraged him to do the Command tests and flight training and think about what he wanted with his career.

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Prime Time

  • Diarean provided Aldous with information resulting from her investigation of Section 31, and it looked like they were responsible for the creation of Project Forestall and Lt Commander Alexi Sutton was S31′s ‘sector chief’ in this sector. It was S31 who had managed to override Starfleet Command’s decision to remove Aldous from command of the Scorpion, and have his ship as part of Project Forestall. Aldous was also disturbed to understand that Forestall was something he agreed with, which meant he inadvertently agreed with S31.
  • With Aldous’s encouragement for Quatre to join Command in his mind, he accepted Larkcha’s offer to help him become a warrior.
  • Hawkins and Marpessa arrived at the Bajoran wormhole. As they went through it to the alternate universe that Marpessa was from, she told him about how she was raped by one of the officers on the Scorpion, and why she had to leave as a result. Hawkins promised her that he would deal with that officer.
  • The Chief of Operations, Shawn Kelsey, sent a request to Captain Aldous that a series of cloaked communications relays be deployed as they travel, based on the same network once used by the Hirogen in the Delta Quadrant. However, Aldous denied the request based on the fact that the technology was based on quantum singularity power sources and was not available on the Scorpion.
  • Quatre made his decision, and with Captain Aldous’s approval, changed his role to become a Flight Officer, with the goal of developing a new career in Command.
  • The Scorpion reached the edge of Federation space and detected some energy discharges about 17 light years away. It would take 19 hours to get there at maximum warp, or 8 hours with the slipstream drive. Aldous orders the slipstream drive to be engaged for the first time as they investigate the energy discharges.
  • Upon arrival at the destination they discovered a binary system with two planets engaged in nuclear war with each other, both planets with pre-warp civilisations destroying themselves. Under the Prime Directive the Scorpion was unable to assist. Engaging the ship’s cloak, they approached and observed.
  • When Jim Hawkins returned to this universe, he was ordered to meet with Starfleet Intelligence at Starbase Praetor, where he met the Sector Chief of Intelligence, Lt Commander Alexi Sutton, for the first time, recognising immediately that she was a psychopath into theatrics. However, he was surprised when she promoted him to Commander and handed him approved Starfleet orders to take over command of the USS Talon.
  • Duo reported to the Scorpion that he’s being kept on indefinitely at Avalon Fleet Yards, supporting R&D into his mecha.
  • As a result of failed security protocols when an assassin, having failed to kill his intended target, managed to get past all security measures and flee the Scorpion, destroying a pursuing fighter in his stolen shuttle, Aldous began implementing significant new changes to the security systems and protocols.
  • Diarean completed her graduation training and exams, passing with perfect results, as was expected. Aldous congratulated her and assigned her the rank of Ensign. She joined the Intelligence department, specialising in Electronic Intelligence and Cryptology.
  • With many of the crew and Department Chiefs wanting to violate the Prime Directive and intervene in the nearby interplanetary war, Aldous said in a meeting with the Department Chiefs:

“The single most important directive Starfleet holds inviolate is the Prime Directive. The single most important directive that you all agreed to follow when you graduated from Starfleet Academy was to follow orders. You all volunteered to be in Starfleet. It’s a choice you all chose to make. If you now find that you can’t make any more choices that might upset you, then you might have to reconsider what you’re doing onboard a Starfleet vessel that’s entire purpose is exploration, defence, and the preservation and continuation of the Federation – and all of its rules.”"I need officers that are willing to follow ALL orders, whether they agree with them or not. This is a military vessel, and anyone who can’t follow that simple protocol needs to work out what they’re really doing here. But let’s get back to morale…” He looked at them again, his face softening slightly. “The crew needs to be made more aware of their responsibilities as Starfleet officers and crewmen. I’m running a MILITARY vessel here, for God’s sake!” Steve paused again, wondering if he’d been too soft on them, too friendly. Their discipline was slacking off, and as a result, low morale and insubordination seemed to be a result.

“We’re going to be returning to Starbase Praetor as soon as the away team is back. There will be psychological and security reviews of ALL personnel onboard this ship.” He looked around at them all again. “Anyone who doesn’t like serving under me will be reassigned. Anyone who doesn’t like following orders will be reassigned. Anyone who has realised they don’t like adhering to Starfleet Directives will be given the option of resigning from Starfleet. I’m not interested in playing with people any more. I want discipline restored, and loyalty, because without it, in times of battle, people will think they can do whatever they want, and if that happens – we’re all dead.”

He paused for dramatic effect, and then said, “Let’s do what we need to do. Dismissed.”

  • Duo Maxwell reported in to Aldous that his time at Avalon Ship Yards was complete, and he was on his way back to the Scorpion, stopping at Starbase Praetor first. There he was met by Jim Hawkins and Alexi Sutton, who told him his mecha would be needed for a black ops mission, providing support in a ground assault. Jim was being reassigned to the Scorpion for the role, and would be leading the black ops team.
  • Diarean introduces Aldous to a new feature of his virtual reality – being able to access all sensor data as if he was looking at it like a human, and able to travel in any direction and see what the sensors see, but translated into a visual display as if he was physically there and looking at it.

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The Transition

  • Admiral Johanson directed the Scorpion to be reassigned for his own purposes, as part of Project Forestall. Aldous would stay with the ship – which was renamed the USS Alexia, after Johanson’s dead wife – while the entire crew would be transferred to a new ship, still remaining within Project Forestall, but which would be named the USS Scorpion, to continue their legacy.
  • Duo got upset when he found out they were being reassigned to the new ship without Aldous.
  • An official function onboard the renamed USS Alexia resulted in Aldous being promoted to Commodore for his services to Starfleet.
  • The new USS Scorpion arrived at Starbase Praetor, its new crew watching from observation decks.

No one said anything, and they all just stared.It was larger than the Sovereign class, which up until now, had been the largest ship in Starfleet. This was at least a third larger.

“What was that again?” Quatre whispered to Duo.

“I think ’twas a Pathfinder class,” Duo replied, looking in awe at it, just like the rest of them.

As they stood there gaping at the new ship that was going to be theirs, they were all surprised to see 3 squadrons of fighters leave the ship from various docking bays around it, all quickly taking formation and streaking towards them. Before they could react, the thirty fighter ships climbed straight up in front of them, disappearing from view.

Admiral Briggs chuckled. “Some of those are newly assigned to the Starbase, so they’re saying hello to everyone.”

No one said anything as they tried looking for the ships, but then their attention was caught again by something else leaving the large starship. Two somethings, in fact. Two ships left from a couple of larger docking bays near the bottom of the Pathfinder. They looked like Defiant-class ships, but were completely different at the same time. They moved gracefully towards them and then also disappeared from view as they went above the Starbase.

“Hornet-class ships,” Briggs explained. “One of them is staying on your ship with you, the other is staying here.” He looked at the awestruck officers and smiled….

  • Jim Hawkins was promoted to Captain and given command of the new USS Scorpion, Pathfinder class. Gevran Torm was reassigned to Science, and Commander William Griffin came in as Hawkins’ new XO.

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Jump Everybody Jump

  • Admiral Briggs and Commander Alexi Sutton gave a briefing to Hawkins, Duo and Griffin, as well as a civilian named Ation. It was to investigate an Orion Syndicate facility orbiting a planet, and stop them from building a hybrid Breen-Starfleet warship. The Syndicate had a Starfleet Saber class ship that had gone missing 7 months prior, and the Breen ship that the USS Talon had found almost two years prior. They were building their own hybrid warship from reverse engineering the two ships, and the Scorpion was to go in, retrieve all three ships, destroy the ship building facility and the science facility on the nearby planet.
  • Gevran Torm had an application accepted to become Fleet Liaison to the Federation Ethics Committee. He would have to leave the Scorpion, however, so he went to say goodbye to Hawkins.
  • The Scorpion set out on its mission, and Hawkins gave a mission briefing to all Department Chiefs, outlining the mission and the plan to engage it.
  • Hawkins dreamed that night, of another command in another reality where he lost a ship and all its crew. He woke up with the visions still in his mind, knowing that going into battle would never get easier.
  • Arriving at the destination, the Scorpion remained cloaked while its fighters began their cloaked recon to gather information about the Orion Syndicate’s facility, activities and defences. After gathering intel, the plan was set in motion and battle was joined with the Orions.
  • It was short but brutal. The Scorpion lost a lot of men, as Orion reinforcements were hidden away from the intel that had been gathered. Someone in Starfleet had tipped them off that a Starfleet ship was coming, which is why the facility had been reinforced, even though the reinforcements weren’t enough. However, the hybrid ship managed to escape.

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Jump Everybody Jump (Pt 2)

  • A Kaerine scientist was retrieved from the prisoners. He had been abducted by the Orions to work on the hybrid ship. The Scorpion was investigating where the hybrid ship had gone, and taking the scientist back to his home system.
  • As they were travelling, Captain Jim Hawkins seemed to change into Captain Peter Hawkins, with a scar on his neck where Jim didn’t have one. But when Duo, confused, ordered the doctor to give ‘Peter’ a medical scan, the scar was gone and Jim was wondering what all the fuss was about. Duo decided to have a sleep.
  • Later, Engineering advised Jim that the slipstream had a number of unusual power spikes that they couldn’t understand, so Jim ordered the slipstream taken offline while they investigated. The investigation determined that the spikes occurred when the ship was passing through tetryon fields, which reduce the effectiveness of warp drives, and seemed to cause unusual effects on the slipstream drive. Engineering determined that the ship was entering a large area of space with increasing numbers of tetryon fields, effectively causing ‘warp shallows’, similar to ocean shallows that affected the speed and progress of ocean-going ships. As the Scorpion proceeded, the warp shallows became too numerous to safely continue travelling at warp speed, so the ship dropped out of warp. Engineering continued investigating and determined there was the possibility they could use the slipstream drive itself to try and get them past the tetryon fields. Jim Hawkins approved the plan.
  • Starfleet sent a directive to all Starfleet command staff, Captain and above, which Peter Hawkins received. The Sernaix had destroyed the USS Hurricane with all hands. It had been involved in using its wormhole generator to travel between realities, back to the alternate universe that Hawkins had spent 6 years of his life in. The Sernaix had also destroyed a Temporal Investigations outpost in the other universe. After they destroyed that, they destroyed the Hurricane, and then sent a message to Starfleet:
  • “We are the Sernaix. You would be wise to focus your research on exploring only this universe. You are not ready to go where you do not belong. Any further pursuit of this technology will result in your extinction. We are the Sernaix.”
  • Peter Hawkins was extremely surprised to meet Diarean, who explained to him that he was in an alternate reality. She advised him to resume the warp-slipstream cycle to correct his reality. Diarean explains to him that she is an ‘observer’ rather than an ‘artificial intelligence’, as everyone else thinks. He asks what she’s observing, and she tells him that this juncture of events with the Kaerine is of interest to her.
  • After going to Engineering to get them to investigate the problem with the slipstream drive causing him to swap between realities – much to the Chief Engineer’s suprise – Peter set the cat amongst the pigeons when he called a department meeting to advise all department chiefs that he wasn’t who they thought he was. However, he was still the CO of the Scorpion, even if he was from another universe. There was intense debate about his legitimacy as captain of the ship, but it was eventually decided that unless he acted against the ship or the crew, he should continue to be treated as CO.
  • When the Scorpion dropped out of slipstream into Kaerine space, they found themselves near a large ring in space, which the Kaerine scientist said was what his people called a jump gate. The Ops officer reported that sensors showed it was 2,500 metres wide. He also reported that they were in a huge tetryon field that went on as far as the sensors could determine. While in the field, the Scorpion would be unable to activate warp or slipstream.
  • Engineering determined that the quantum flux that has affected Hawkins was because he’d been through quantum shifts before, and was therefore far more susceptible to it than anyone else on the ship. They work out that if they can activate the quantum induction coils and get them to the same phase variance as Hawkins, they will be able to initiate a shift and swap the captains back to their respective normal universes.
  • With the Kaerine scientist onboard, he taught them how to use the jump gates, so that they could get him to his home planet, as well as look for an area without any tetryon fields.
  • Investigation by the Scorpion of the jump gates, in an attempt to find one that was outside of the tetryon field, resulted in success as they found only one gate luckily outside the field. This meant they could use their warp and slipstream drive again. In the process of exploring the gate network with probes and sensor scans during their use of the jump gates, they discovered that the gates worked on a super-advanced process of quantum transportation. They were giant transporters, similar to what the Federation uses, but able to transport ships across entire star systems using quantum singularity effects. The Scorpion’s scans were unable to penetrate the mechanism shielding of the gates, and were thus unable to get any readings of the technology being used, but they did find out that the gates were around 250,000 years old. The Kaerine advised them that they knew of 29 combinations available for the jump gate network, but only 28 combinations worked. The 29th combination was unable to activate any jump, and was a mystery that the Kaerine advised had existed ever since they had learnt how to use the gates a couple hundred years previously.
  • Plans were made to create a final exchange of Captain Peter Hawkins with the local version of Captain Jim Hawkins by activating the slipstream drive near a tetryon field. The result was only an apparent partial success. Captain Peter Hawkins disappeared as planned, but Jim Hawkins did not appear in his place. Searching the ship failed to find any Hawkins onboard. Replicating the effect failed to produce any results, and after just over 2 weeks of repetitive slipstream testing in order to replicate the effects, including the exact locations the original exchanges occurred, it was decided by Commander K’udar to return the ship to Starbase Praetor. After dropping off the Kaerine scientist at his homeworld and thanking the Kaerine for their hospitality, the USS Scorpion returned to Praetor.
  • A full investigation by Starfleet Command was made into the events, including intensive interviewing of all 1600 members of the crew and detailed analysis of all sensor and science logs. After 5 weeks of this analysis, Starfleet Command determined that one of three possibilities occurred with the quantum changeover effects:

1. Peter Hawkins never made it back to his universe and was lost in transit, which meant the changeover didn’t happen and Jim is still stuck in the other universe, or
2. Peter made it back to his universe, but Jim was lost in transit, or
3. Neither of them made it back and both were lost in transit, or
4. Peter and Jim were quantum merged into the one Hawkins, but in the other universe

  • Starfleet Command likened the effects to a transporter accident occurring, but with the transfer occurring between realities. Until further information came to light, Starfleet Command closed the investigation and ruled it an accident.
  • Commander K’udar, the XO, was promoted to Captain and given command of the USS Scorpion
  • Duo Maxwell was promoted to Lt Colonel and reassigned to Starfleet R&D to continue work on his Mecha
  • Larkcha was transferred back to Marines as a 2nd Lieutenant and posted to another ship
  • Alexi Sutton was assigned to the USS Scorpion as its Chief of Strategic Operations
  • The USS Scorpion continued its ongoing missions in support of Project Forestall, until the EGR destroyed the Cardassians, and it was reassigned to Earth and became President Spock’s flagship.

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